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Shell Scripting and System Programming

  • Knowledge of shell scripting in the Bourne Shell and Bash, including regular expressions and system calls.
  • Multi-Task Operating Systems, UCI CS146
    Term Project: developed a simple Unix command-line shell called "nsh" (as well as its parser) which supports shell scripts; the running of arbitrary commands with arguments; the “cd” command; at least one pipe; and I/O redirection (including append). Syntax is exact to the Bourne Shell, example output:

? who | fgrep -i .edu > foo
? sort < foo | uniq -c >> bar
? ^D


  • Intro to Programming, SFU CMPT 120
    Implemented a spell checker program using binary search that checked documents for spelling mistakes, user was able to either add a word to the program's dictionary or ignore it.
  • Implemented a simple text-based Blackjack game: continuous rounds can be played with the program, which is also the dealer who keeps score as well as monitors the number of cards in the deck, reshuffling the deck when required.