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  • Computer Game Development, UCI CS113
    Term Project:
    developed a 2D top-down shooter (TDS) game using JGame engine (an open source game engine). The goal of the game is to survive, where player's survival depends on avoiding the spawning enemies, and must shoot them down for points. The more enemies killed, the higher the player's score. The game was inspired after "Geometry Wars: Retro Revolved" for Xbox 360. Developed using Eclipse and SVN.
  • Next Generation Search Systems, UCI CS125
    Photo Event Markup Language (PEXML) Developed an event-based application to search for images. The goal of this research project was to create an XML schema that best represents an organized hierarchy of events. Primary design goal was to present each node as an event where users can post and search images based on events with the hope to provide a more interactive environment where users interact with the data and can share images through events. Second design goal was to search for images using a more natural way that makes more sense for people moving beyond alpha-numeric. Finally, designed an interface which encourages user exploration and allows them to gain more insight on the data. PEXML’s GUI was developed in Java NetBeans to interface with the XQuery database using Berkeley XML DB API.
  • Intro to Software Engineering, UBC CPSC310
    Term Project:
    implemented a simulation for elevator system, which modeled theoretical passenger traffic conditions to test its efficiency. The class was divided into teams of five students where each team implemented a module of the system. My module team was responsible for the elevator algorithm and modeled an Agile environment, where each individual worked on small pieces of functionality, my responsibility focused on button functionality, test scripts and black box testing. Developed using Eclipse Jazz RTC.
  • Intro to Software Development, UBC CPSC211
    Term Project:
    implemented a day planner application which maintained a set of contacts and a set of appointments for a single user; using the Java API TreeMap data structure, created a graphic user interface using Java Swing API.
  • Intro to Computer Systems, UBC CPSC213
    Term Project:
    a simple machine simulation, implemented a register and main memory, which kept aligned addresses where memory conversion was in big endian.
  • Introduction to Computation, UBC CPSC111
    Created a simple image processor that would perform basic image manipulation, implemented filters included basic Gaussian blur, gray-scale, inverse RGB values, transparency (change alpha value), sepia tone and a horizontal flip.