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  • Introduction to Artificial Intellengence UCI CS171:
    Implemented a DPLL resolution algorithm to solve SAT problems; program incorporated three heuristics functions for early conflict detection for early resolution, conflicts handled using backtracking.
  • C++ for Java Programmers, UCI ICS80:
    Created a simple student web registration system by implementing a map organized as BinarySearchTree. Project goal: familiarize students in creating trees by using pointers and passing objects by reference as oppose to just values as in Java.
  • C++ for Java Programmers, UCI ICS80:
    Simulation of chain letters propagating through an email network. Project goal: introduce derived classes and polymorphism in C++.
  • C++ for Java Programmers, UCI ICS80:
    Event-based simulation for a hand car wash system, achieved by implementing a priority queue template, which was built as a binary heap. Projection goal: familiarize students with event driven simulations and using templates in C++.
  • Basic Algorithms and Data Structures, UBC CPSC221:
    Simulated a delivery system, implemented a doubly-linked Queue to manage and coordinate the queues of deliveries and cars. Project goal: familiarize students with writing fundamental data structures in C++.
  • Intro to Computer Systems, UBC CPSC213:
    Created a single thread web server in UNIX, using the Berkley Socket Interface; accepted connections from a single client and processed HTTP requests.