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  • My professional background began in graphic and media design with more than six years experience involved working in team settings. Working in close collaboration on projects with clients, organizing and communicating with several offices and team members located in different countries in a coordinated effort to deliver projects with tight deadlines. My skill set bridges my design background with science and technology. 

    Interested in user interaction and the user experience and how advances in artificial intelligence, computer vision can shape our experiences with technology.

    Professional Summary:
    • Working in project based teams, collaborating with clients and interdisciplinary team members ranging from engineers to photographers.
    • Managing and scheduling multiple projects, from concept to production, delivering with tight turn-around periods.
    • Proficient in third party applications common for prototyping.
    • Working in close collaboration with the end user while developing tools and interfaces for artists that the focus on usability.
    • Developing, testing and streamlining work-flow efficiency.
    • Working in a research lab prototyping visualization of biomechanic simulations.
    • Versatile design vernacular ranging from corporate brand to experimental.

    Technical Projects:
    • Developed a user interface that allows users to doodle a biped character in 2D using overlapping circles. System generates a 3D character based on the user’s doodle which interfaces with ODE physics engine for walking in a physically-based world.
    • Developing an event-based search system to search for images and studied next generation search engines.
    • Research experience developing a user interface for software that processes large data-sets that model musculoskeletal systems during my NSERC appointment.
  • Accomplishments:
    Grace Hopper State Farm Scholarship 2010
    Student Services Award for Volunteering 2009
    Natural Sciences and Engineering Council Undergraduate Research Summer Award 2009
    National Magazine Silver Award for "Words & Pictures" 2000
  • Technical Skills:
    Applications: Adobe Creative and Production Suite, Autodesk Maya, Rhinoceros 3D, MATLab 2008a.
    Programming Languages: Python, bash, Java, C/C++, PHP, SQL*Plus, Actionscript, HTML, XML
    APIs: standard libraries for python, Java, C/C++, OpenGL, PyQT, wxPython, Nuke, RenderMan